What’s TiltShift?

The biggest problems are sometimes solved by a simple change of perspective. The Global Alliance of Leading-Edge Schools (GALES) is doing precisely that with TiltShift 2011, which brings together 80 brilliant young men and women in a summit to exchange ideas, testbed and implement scalable solutions to some of the most pressing issues confronting the world today.

TiltShift 2011 is named after a creative type of photography in which the lens is manipulated so that a life-sized location or subject resembles a miniature-scale model. By miniaturizing what seems immeasurably large, intractable and insurmountable, we gain fresh insight into it. Such breakthroughs are urgently needed in a world increasingly beset by problems of a global nature.

TiltShift is the first project of the GALES schools, and represents a concerted effort by some of the premier schools from around the world to address the need for vision, convergence and global collaboration. Join us as we embark on 20 experiments to change the world!


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